Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls ‘In Talks’ To Tour Together — The Truth

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Ready to party like it’s 1999? The Backstreet Boys are about to go on tour with Avril Lavigne, but according to a new report, they could be joined by the Spice Girls — but would this actually happen? got to the bottom of the report!

Talk about a “Larger than Life” tour! Two of the largest bands of the ’90s are reportedly in talks to hit the big stage for a tour. But will the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys really hit the road together, or is that just not what you want, what you really really want?

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Trust issues

Recently, I have felt like I have not been able to trust my closest friends. I’ve always been careful with who I choose to hang out with and I have a darn good judge of character. We had a few issues in our group last year and a few so far this year and it has made me realise the true colours of people I thought were closest to me.

Last year, there was a girl in our group called Stacey*. I had already had bad experiences with her and nobody in our group liked her due to the fact she wasn’t exactly the nicest person around. So our group had a few falling outs with her and therefore everyone complained about her a lot. I would always be the one saying- “Distance yourself/Ignore her/don’t let her control you/don’t be scared of her”. But everyone else, (except my best friend and one of my other close friends Hannah*) did not listen. This was around October. A few weeks later- it was like nothing happened.

A few months later- it was everything all over again!

And now, half of them are now really good friends with her again! I made it clear to them- don’t coming running back to me for advice when you guys are in a cat fight again because I’m not interested.

This whole saga has lead me to a few sights about which of your friends not to trust. There’s been the talker, the liar, the thief, the this, the that but I have never read two of the most disguised and hardest to pick up friends.

Both of these are interconnected in a way.

The ‘I want to be Popular’ friend:
These friends would do anything they could just to get invited to a ‘popular’ person’s party or have the ability to talk to the really hot guy. They would even leave their own friends and contradict what they have ever even said to their own friends. For instance, I had a case where my best friend and I wanted our whole group to go together to formal in a limousine. Problem was- everyone else thought it was too expensive. But then the option arose later on of going in a party bus with all the ‘popular’ people and a few of my friends that were most vocal about the limo being too expensive were more than keen to go in the party bus! Another example, is one of my ‘friends’, Casey*, was complaining to me about not being invited to a party but then it turned out, she was invited the entire time! You cannot trust these sort of friends- any second they could ditch you when a better option comes up. It’s not worth it.

The Cunning Wannabe:
Like the ‘I want to be popular friend’, the cunning wannabe will do whatever it takes to get in ‘that’ group. They can be users as well and only talk to you when they need you. The wannabe will dress, talk and act like the group they truly want to be apart of even though they are making fools of themselves. They are unoriginal and brag about their $500 Versace sunglasses (that actually make them look like they are auditioning for A Bug’s Life: The Musical) and the party they are going to. When you are against them, they always, ALWAYS, make themselves the victim. This girl i.e the one nobody liked in my group (but now are all friends with her), decided now that her year 12 formal dress was going to be red….. the day after I told her I was having my year 12 dress in red. In regards to school, they feast themselves on other peoples’ fails and somehow twist everything around to make them the smartest. They believe they know everything about everything and everyone and believe they are the most important. These ‘friends’ do one good thing and feel the need for everyone to bow down to them and praise them. The cunning wannabe tends to always have their phone in their hands every second of everyday, spending their time on Facebook talking to a so-called hot guy. They feel the need to brag about every ‘hot’ guy friend and who they want to get in with at the latest party. This girl is like. She was actually bragging to me the other day. In my opinion, this guy that she and every other girl want to get in with looks like a chipmunk. You really cannot trust these types of people. They will tear you up, eat you and spit you out. The second you say one thing and someone else says another, they WILL use this to their advantage and purposely cause problems. It is not worth it.

How to deal with these people?

-Distance yourself.

-Don’t tell them any of your personal opinions on anyone.

-Slowly break away from them. It will take time but patience is key.

This post has all come from my own experiences and I hope it has helped someone else with their friendship issues.

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